Quality is in the eye of the beholder. But when you are in the golf club manufacturing, custom fitting, re-shafting, or repair business, Cell-Parts ferrules are simply the best.

A ferrule is a finishing touch… but if it cracks on install, discolor, or grooves during sanding, or fits inconsistently, it’s a problem. Sometimes saving pennies can cost you real dollars in repairs — as well as lost time, disassembling the club, cleaning up the epoxy, re-assembling, re-gluing, and re-finishing.

The Cell-Parts difference starts with our proprietary plastics, which have been specially formulated to mold into a strong yet flexible part that expands and contracts without cracking or breaking. It also stands up to the rigors of sanding and acetone during turn down and finishing.

Finally, all parts are hand-inspected. The slightest defects will cause us to restart the process until it meets our (– and your– ) exacting standards. It’s this personal touch that has made Cell-Parts ferrules and parts the industry standard for quality and consistency.

We maintain and clean our machines with the same quality commitment used in our manufacturing process. Our staff takes pride in their work and our ability to provide you with the highest quality products.

It’s our commitment to quality that has our customers talking, and they have told us time and again that they can see and feel the Cell-Parts Difference. Read what some of our customers have to say.