Cell-Parts Welcomes Custom Work

Standard ferrules can be machine altered to meet your specific needs.

One area of specialty for us is golf clubs: for over 70 years Cell-Parts has provided a wide variety of club components to the golf industry.

Our standard ferrule sizes range between:

Length: 1/8″ to 1″
Inner Diameter: .335″ to .370″
Hosel: .465″ to .585″

Contact Us with your detailed specs so we can give you a customized quote.

Understanding Standard Ferrule Sizes and Features

Sample item listing:
Black Regular Grooved 30° C’Sink

PhanFerrule2Item listing key (see diagram):
.600 = Length (A)
.335 = Inside Diameter (B)
.500 = Hosel Outside Diameter (C)
Black = Color
Regular = Small End Edge Type (D)
Grooved = Inside Wall Texture (E)
30° C’Sink = Hosel Countersink (F)

Optional Features

Additional Machining and Finishing Options

Contact Us for more information.

Ferrules come in either
Smooth (top)
Grooved (bottom)