Thomas V. Dorr Foursome At Medinah Country Club circa 1944

Cell-Parts Manufacturing Company has been in the business of plastic molding and machining for over 70 years.

Thomas V. Dorr was a passionate golfer who, not only wanted to improve his game but enhance the golfing experience for others as well. He enjoyed playing golf with pros and entertainers alike.


Founded in 1944, while still working at Wilson Sporting Goods in Chicago, Illinois, Cell-Parts started out in Tom’s basement with two indexing lathes and tubing that he used to hand-machine all his ferrules. Tom worked long and hard hours until every penny was repaid.

The Cell-Parts difference is in the quality of the plastics and the manufacturing process.



Soon the business outgrew its space and moved to a small storefront on Elston Ave. in Chicago. Almost every major golf club manufacturer started taking notice and placing orders so they soon outgrew that space as well. Cell-Parts then had to purchase a small factory at Knox and Roscoe in Chicago to accommodate its rapid growth.

With top pro golfers like Ben Hogan and Sam Snead embracing and befriending both Tom and his ferrules, Cell-Parts had to build a new bigger facility in Rosemont. For nearly another 40 years, Cell-Parts has continued to grow both in size and reputation.


Over the years, companies like Adams, Ben Hogan, Callaway, Cleveland, Delta, Mizuno, Pinemeadow, Taylor Made, Titleist, Wilson, and many more, have all trusted Cell-Parts for their manufacturing at one time through today. With the globalization of business, some companies now rely on cheaper knock-off ferrules, but the pros know Cell-Parts and demand when their clubs are manufactured or re-shafted, they only are finished with the best.

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Today Cell-Parts is still a family-owned and operated company. Tom Dorr once said, “The right way is the only way.”, and that holds true today. His legacy has created the best ferrules and club parts in the industry. Golfers, club fitters, repair shops and manufacturer’s from around the globe, will only trust their clubs to Cell-Parts.

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